How to choose an air-con system for the house?

To choose an air conditioning system for your house, you will need to:

  1. Decide on the areas that require air conditioning.
  2. Determine the cooling capacity required.
  3. Determine the types of air con that you want.
  4. Consider your budget.

How do I determine the air-con capacity required for my room?

For a quick estimation, we can use the rule of thumb:

Area (Length x Width) X 50 = BTU/hr

E.g. Room size 10ft X 10ft = 100ft2 X 50 = 5,000BTU/hr.


Which air-con brand is better and causes fewer problems?

Although there are many brands of air conditioner in the market right now, they have similar function. Every brand has a few air conditioner models that they are good in. There is no particular brand that we can recommend which is better than the rest. One very important point to note is that the installation of the air condition plays an important role when it comes to having problem like water and gas leaking. With good installation, the occurrence of these problems can be kept at a minimal level.


What is an inverter air-con?

An inverter air conditioner uses an inverter circuit to regulate the rotational speed of the compressor to match the output of the compressor to the cooling pump load. This reduces the number of times the compressor stops and starts as the load varies, so saving on electricity bills and reducing noise levels compared to non-inverter models.


What is the difference between a window unit and a split system?

A window unit is a self-contained packaged air conditioner. All components are housed within the unit. It is installed through an opening in the wall and no inter-piping connection is required.

A single split, as it is called, comprises 2 parts that make up a system air conditioner: the outdoor unit (condenser) and indoor unit (Fan coil). The FCU is a cooling coil that cools the room, interconnection piping between the condenser and fan coil is required to run this system.

A multi-split unit consists of 1 condensing unit connected to more than 1 fan coil unit thus having the capability to cool multi rooms. The condenser can be a single compressor or multi compressors. Because of the design, single split and multi-split units are quieter than window units.


How long is the air-con installation?

The normal HDB installation will take 1 full day. And for other property air conditioner installation will have to depend on the piping length. Generally, 1 fan coil per day will be a safe estimation.


How long is the warranty period for the air-con system?

Most air conditioners come with 1 year warranty (parts & labor for repair excluding servicing) and 5 years part warranty for compressor.


What is the average life span of a residential air-con?

The average life span of an air conditioner is about 6-7 years, but it can be prolonged through proper maintenance by qualified technicians on a regular basis.


Why is the room not cold?

There are a number of causes to having a room that is not cold. We have listed some of the common causes:

  1. Air filter dirty
  2. Object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the indoor/outdoor units.
  3. Air-con temperature is set too high.
  4. Windows and doors are opened.
  5. Airflow direction is not appropriately set.
  6. Remote control is not in the cooling mode.
  7. Parts may be faulty.
  8. Fan motor is clod with dust. Thus, cool air is being blocked, therefore cannot be blown out.
  9. The air-con installed is undersized.

Why is the air-con leaking water?

Water from the air-con is discharged out through a drainage pipe that is run from the fan coil unit to the nearest drain. Water will start to leak from the fan coil if the drainage pipe is clogged with dirt. This can also happen when the drainage pipe that is run between the fan coil unit to the drain does not have a proper gradient – poor installation. Please contact qualified service technician to attend to your air-con.


Why does water drip from the condenser (Outdoor unit)?

It is normal for water to drip from the condenser as condensation takes places when the warm air surrounds the piping condensate.


Why water tray must be removed?

No tray or receptacle should be placed beneath and/or on top of any air-conditioning unit so as not to create a condition favourable for mosquito breeding.


Why does the air-con produce a foul smell?

This is due to the smell of the room, furniture, or cigarettes being absorbed into the unit and is discharged together with the airflow. Please contact qualified air-con technician to service your air-con in the event the air- con produce a foul smell.


Why is my air-con noisy?

The blower evaporating coil of the air-con may be dirty.


Why is the fan coil unit still operating when the condenser is not?

When the room temperature has reached its set temperature by the remote controller, the condenser will stop operating. It will resume operation once the temperature rises.


What happen if I do not service my air-con?

The life span of the air-con will be shortened, coolness decreases with usage and water leaking problem may occur as a result of a choke drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.


How often should I service my air-con?

Household air-con should be serviced every 2 months. Air-con for office and commercial usage should be serviced once every month.


Can we do the general service by ourselves?

Cleaning of fan coil and the cover of the air-con can be done easily but to take out the water tray will be tough for some people. To vacuum the drainage system and to check the refrigeration level cannot be done without the equipment. The knowledge of checking the working system is also important in maintaining the air-con in good condition.


Can I do my own chemical flushing?

It is not advisable. Since there is a lot of dismantling to do, it is better to get a professional help. When chemical flushing is not done properly, several problems may occur.


Why must your company dismantle the fan coil unit for chemical service instead of inserting a water tray to wash away the chemical?

By dismantling the fan coil unit, we can clean the air condition’s individual components thoroughly with the alkaline-based chemical, without leaving behind chemical residue which may lead to the corrosion of the fan coil.