*NEA  Energy Label – 2 TICK
*Price for replacement only.

Indoor Unit [BTU]

Outdoor Unit [BTU]

Do you require installation?

Do you have Aircon Ledge?

Do you have Aircon Power Point?

Upgrade Insulation from 3/8 to 1/2 Inch (Class 1)?

Upgrade to thicker Copper Pipe for Durability? *



Note on Additional Charges on New or Re-Install WITH Laying of Copper Pipes Above False Ceiling / Hanging Tray or Any Conceal Pipping Installation for Condo / Landed Property / Commercial and Industrial Property – Quote Onsite


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How to Choose Your Aircon

All Wall Aircon System consist of Indoor unit(s) and 1x Outdoor unit(Compressor).
Number or System.
Single System – 1 Indoor unit – Cool down 1 room space.
System 2 – 2 Indoor units – Cool down 2 Separated Room.
System 3 – 3 Indoor units – Cool down 3 Separated Room.
System 4 – 4 Indoor units – Cool down 4 Separated Room

Step 1 : BTU for Indoor Unit

9000 BTU-10000 BTU – Small Room Space up to Small Master Bedroom for HDB Flat.
12000 BTU – Medium Room Space up to Small Living Room for HDB Flat.
18000 BTU – Large Room Space up to Large Living Room for HDB Flat.
24000 BTU – Extra Large Room Space up to Maisionette Living Room For HDB Flat.


Step 2 : BTU for Outdoor Unit

Indicated the power to drive all Indoor units(s).
Usually it is fixed to the brand package and it has enough power to drive all the indoor unit(s)


Step 3 : Installation Package

 –  Use Back existing all pipe / trunking / copper, replace aircon & condensor
Full set – Install with new aircon pipe / new wire cable / new insulation / new copper wire / new trunking / New aircon & condensor


Terms And Conditions

All Indoor Units Comes With 1 Years Warranty.
All Outdoor Units Comes With 5 Years Warranty.

For Conceal Trunking/Pipping above False Ceiling will be Quoted Onsite.

For Standard New Set Up Installation- Class 1 Armaflex 3/8 inch insulation / G23 Copper Pipe / 13mm Drainage Pipe.
1 Year Warranty on workmanship.
For Upgraded New Set Up Installation- Class 1 Armaflex 1/2 inch insulation / G23 Copper Pipe / 16mm Drainage Pipe.
1 Year Warranty on workmanship.
100% Peace of Mind after Purchase- We will provide Free Onsite Viewing and advice you accordingly to your needs.




Body TypeMulit Split ( Inveter)
Cooling Capacity (Outdoor Unit)20,500 BTU
Cooling Capacity (Indoor Unit)1 x 8500 Btu/h, 1 x 11900 Btu/h
Energy Consumption1956 kWh/year
Eco-friendly Certification(s)2 TICKS
Eco-friendly Feature(s)Digital Inverter, Eco Mode
Noise level47 dBA
Outdoor Model(s)AJ21FCJ3EC
Indoor Model(s)AJ09FBADEC/SP (1), AJ18FBADEC/SP (1)
Dimensions (Outdoor Unit)880 x 638 x 310 mm
Dimensions (Indoor Unit)826 x 275 x 260 mm (1), 1063 x 317 x 294 mm (1)
Available ColoursWhite
Refrigerant TypeR410a
Filter TypesVirus Doctor
Filter Types (2)Full HD Filter
Health FeaturesBritish Allegy Foundation Certified Filter
Health Features (2)S-Plasma Ion, Natural Breeze
Operating Modes/Features2 Step Cooling, Single User Mode
Operating Modes/Features (2)Long Air Flow 14m
Operating Modes/Features (3)Dehumidification
Temperature Range16 – 27 degC
Auto Clean FunctionYes
TimersOn/Off Timer
Air Direction ControlUp and down (Auto), Left and Right (Manual)
Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan)4/3
Air Circulation (Max)7.74, 9.08 CMM
Compressor TypeTwin Rotary BLDC Compressor
Connecting Tubes9.52 mm (gas), 6.35 mm (liquid)
IndicatorsOn/Off, Eco, Turbo Level
Control PanelTemperature Control, Fan Speed, Wind Mode
Operating Current6.5A
Power Consumption1.78 kW
Power Supply220 – 240 V, 50 Hz
Weight47.5 Kg
Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D)1053 x 695 x 413 mm
Packaging Weight51.5 Kg ( Outdoor)
Included AccessoriesRemote
Warranty1 Year Parts , 5 Years Compressor




SAMSUNG Inverter System 2 Air-Con –  ( AJ09FBADEC / 2  +  AJ21FJC3EC)  (2 BEDROOMS)


System 2 Package (2 TICKS)

*2 x SAMSUNG Fan coil Unit [Indoor Unit]            (Model: AJ09FBADEC) (2 BEDROOMS) (9000 BTU)

*1 x SAMSUNG Condenser Unit [Outdoor Unit]   (Model: AJ21FJC3EC)  (Capacity 20000 BTU)





  1. Insulation: the material used to cover the copper pipe, usually rubber foam, which helps to absorb water droplets formed due to condensation on the copper pipes when the air-conditioner is operating. There are generally 2 types of insulation: Class 0 and Class 1. An inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause leakages. ⅜ inches is usually recommended for the piping in trunking (plastic casing that encases the copper pipes, PVC drainage pipes and wiring) while ½ inches is preferred for piping that will be hidden by false ceilings or concealed in walls.


Benefit of upgrading your Insulation to (1/2 inch)

Thicker insulation increase energy efficiency of the copper pipe and reduce the chances of happening condensation / sweating issue.

Condensation drip line or leaking from Air Conditioner occurs because the insulation is not thick to absorb the condensation.


  1. Grade (or gauge): thickness of the copper pipe, generally a thicker copper pipe is able to withstand a higher operating pressure. The grade varies from the lowest SWG (standard working gauge) or G25 (0.51mm) to G21 (thickest). For HDB owners, the G23 (0.61mm) is usually recommended. If you have concealed piping, then G22 (0.71mm) is a better option. Another thing you should take note is the bending of the copper piping. To lower the odds of condensation or poor refrigerant flow (which will make the air-conditioner less cold), make sure that the piping is bent with a proper pipe bender (thus ensuring a pipe bent of about 90 degrees).